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Serving Utilities

Our all leather work gloves and leather protectors for rubber insulating gloves are carefully manufactured to provide workers in the power utility industry with total satisfaction for quality and cost effective hand protection. We offer hand protection manufactured in the USA as well as economy imported gloves for your choice in value and protection.

To satisfy our customers. Our company and its employees are committed to manufacturing a quality glove for high quality hand protection here in the USA. We continue to provide an American made product manufactured by American workers. Our gloves are a value added item in your hand protection program.

Edwards Glove carefully inspects all of its products prior to shipment from our factory. If you do have a problem please contact us to solve it under the following terms.

Edwards Glove warrants equipment manufactured by it to be free from defects in material and workmanship under normal use and service, its obligation under this warranty being limited to replacing at its factory any part or parts which shall, within 30 days after delivery of such equipment to the original purchaser, be returned to it and which its examination shall disclose to its satisfaction to have been thus defective; this warranty being expressly in lieu of all warranties, expressed or implied, and all other obligations or liabilities on its part. No deviation is authorized.

We can customize gloves for our customers for any reason. Special hands or new safety requirements, contact our sales department for additional information on your request.

Should you have any questions on leather types, glove styles or fit, we can most likely help you in your selection. Please contact customerservice@edwardsglove.com.

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