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The J. Edwards Glove Company began in a small backyard manufacturing plant located in Appleton, Wisconsin in the early 1940s. John Edwards was a tradesman who saw the need for a better glove for his industry's workers. Ironically, the things workers look for in a glove have not changed much over time: durability, comfort, and fit.

So Edwards set out to create a glove that could meet the high standards for hand protection, but with a lower price tag. He knew Wisconsin-tanned buckskin leather was the material of choice to get the job done.

It was not long before local power utility lineworkers saw the value in his gloves and became Edwards' number one customer. With the surge of demand, the company increased its product offerings, adding leather protectors for rubber insulating gloves as well as different styles and designs of its all-leather work gloves.

Although company ownership changed in the 1960s and again in the mid-1990s, the mission stayed the same: manufacture high-quality gloves for electrical utility specifications. The final change took place in 2003 when the company changed ownership and moved to Chicago, Illinois.

Today, Edwards Glove still manufactures its original line of high-quality, domestic-manufactured all-leather work gloves and leather protectors for all classes and styles of rubber insulating gloves available today.

All Gloves are arc, puncture and cut resistant

Edwards Glove uses the highest quality raw materials, in patterns long accepted by the industry, and in styles proven to withstand the test of power utility lineworkers worldwide.

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Every glove manufactured by Edwards meets hand protection industry standards for both shock and electrical arc hazard situations.
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